We build sustainable brands with foward-looking companies


What's the Point?

A design studio based in Helsinki, The Point is an international creative team with a shared passion for simple, effective visual design.

We help businesses translate vision into persuasive brands and compelling designs. Our goal is to spark enthusiasm in customers and growth in your business, with design that makes a point.




Great design grows from strategy and insight. Strategy and insight come from our experience of working with growing international brands. We have developed a unique sensitivity to our diverse markets and the variety of users who interact with our designs and ideas.



We craft visual materials for multiple channels – from internal communications to marketing, from digital to print. In every project, our aim is to create for you unified content that resonates and adapts to changes in your business.



We are kind and insightful professionals who thrive on collaboration. Each project allows us to learn about you, share our expertise, and develop a relationship that goes beyond the finished product. We work with you and your ideas – not just for you, with our ideas.


Featured projects

the switch



visual identity

the switch




100 days of summer

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sales materials


Brand Communication

Recharging your brand by creating and redesigning internal and external communications-, sales-, and marketing materials.

  • visual identity
  • graphic design, print and digital
  • advertisements
  • exhibitions

Information Design

Displaying data and information in a way that is both intuitively understood and visually engaging.

  • UI and UX design
  • training materials
  • infographics
  • diagrams

Collaborative Consultancy

Helping you rediscover and redefine what is unique about your brand and sharing our expertise on how to best communicate it.

  • co-ideation
  • positioning
  • brand strategy 
  • marketing strategy
  • usability consulting


The Point was founded to eliminate pointless (pun intended) hierarchies and clutter from the creative process.

At the heart of our process, you’ll find collaboration, creativity, flexibility, and efficiency. With these in mind, we deliver innovative, valuable experiences – opening up long-lasting dialogue between your brand and your target audience.

Everything starts by understanding you: your people, position, values, and vision as a company. The point is to strengthen and build upon what is already valuable in your business, while leveraging our international experience in strategic design.

Our approach is based on frequent collaboration and communication, and adapted to each client’s needs. Along with our in-house team in Kaisaniemi, we partner with a talented group of freelancers and thought pioneers, who help us with everything from Chinese translations, to video production.