Salvatore Ciancio
Creative Art Director

Drawing on his twenty-plus years of experience as an artist, photographer, concept developer, and graphic designer, Salvatore founded The Point in 2009. From Italy by way of France and now Finland, Salvatore is a yoga practitioner and goes for a daily jog. His enthusiasm for exercise provides a degree of balance to his uncompromising passion for work. Salvatore is generally a calm spirit, but when inspiration strikes or when he is collaborating with a client, or his colleagues, or both, he is often heard exclaiming “fantastic!” or “fantastico!” depending on the day.

Phone +358 40 7381007                                    
Languages: ENG/ITA/FRA


Vilhelmiina Vulli  
Project and Operations Manager

Vilhelmiina is our Project Manager, a key contact point and liaison with our partners. She drives the pulse of The Point and keeps all of us on track. Her background in cultural studies from The University of Birmingham, coupled with her work in digital project management and marketing makes her the perfect guardian of our “on time, on budget, on target” credo. She is a creative spirit who loves to stay on top of current events, laugh, and go on adventures with her family.

Phone +358 45 1240289                                      
Languages: ENG/FI


Juliana Romero
Creative Art Director Assistant

Born in Colombia, Juliana grew up in Costa Rica and has continued to be a global traveller her whole life; working in Costa Rica, Spain, and then taking a big leap over to Finland. Juliana has ten years of experience working in design and has a passion for branding. While the scenery surrounding scenery often changes, one constant with Juliana is her peaceful yet curious outlook. That, and an undying love for dance, especially flamenco, has been her source of inspiration and energy for more than 6 years.

Phone: +358 40 0374849                                      
Languages: ENG/SPA/FR


Thuy Ngo
Graphic Designer

A nature enthusiast, dog lover, and graphic designer, working at the intersection of aesthetics and data, Thuy graduated from Ho Chi Minh University in 2013, then worked as an illustrator until her acceptance to Aalto University in Helsinki. Currently, Thuy is finishing her Masters Degree in Information Design and started her work at The Point as a design intern. Since then, she has developed into an innovative designer with a passion for infographics and an amazing eye for structuring data. You are likely to find Thuy deep in thought and focused on the task at hand.                                                                                                                           

Phone number: +358 40 7490627
Languages: ENG/VIET


Apila Pepita Miettinen
Motion & Graphic Designer

Passionate about storytelling, Apila is a star in conveying information and emotions through visual design; whether it be through graphics, cartoons, illustrations, or animations. With her sharp pencil and an expert touch, she adds value to visualizations by bringing them to life in new, inventive ways. Having previously worked as a comic-book artist and an illustrator, Apila is currently finishing up her Masters in Visual Communication Design at Aalto University. And what does she get most excited about? Anything cute! Especially tiny animals, rainbows, and sparkle!