CLIENT: Steerprop Ltd.

Brand design, visual identity design, logo design.

The Point, Lisa Kettman-Kervinen.


Steering and propelling as one


Since 2001, Steerprop has delivered more than 750 propulsors to vessels working in the arctic, offshore and cruise industries. 

As a result of nearly two decades of innovation and growth, Steerprop faced a challenge of harmonising their core message with their developing technical expertise, green thinking and position in the global market.


Brand re-anchored

The process of refreshing and refining the Steerprop brand required combining long-established maritime competence and partnerships with the latest know-how on advanced calculation methods, 3D technology, sustainable design, and condition monitoring.

blue bg2.png

Using relevant background research, interviews, and a shared workshop, we condensed Steerprop's current business objectives, values, and team spirit into dynamic and energising textual and visual elements.


At the heart of these elements is a play on duality and juxtaposition, also present in the company name–steering and propelling as one, combining efficiency with ecology, technology with nature, specialisation with teamwork–bridging the gap between different generations and fields of expertise within the company, as well as differentiating Steerprop within their market.

cover 2.jpg

A sign of thrust

A logo, as a signature, carries within it the company history and legacy, which need to extend to a new era as a recognised and trusted facet of the brand.

Keeping the original shape intact, we enhanced the sense of swirling rotary movement by connecting the two curves more closely. The clean typeface offers this logo a modern, light and open feel that breathes and stands forth distinctly in a digital format.

text_layout 2.png
text layout1.png

Blues with soul

Steerprop's core duality is further expressed by the two harmonious shades of blue—allowing this seagoing logo a smooth journey from the warm Caribbean sea to the arctic ice.

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