Brand Localization - Henley Business School


Layout Design, Visual Identity, Brand Development, Art Direction

Henley Business School, Finland, has a new course The Integrated Leader commencing February 2018 and we have had an exciting chance to collaborate with them on the visual look of the course marketing materials. This is done as part of a longer process of adapting the Henley Business School visual identity to their Finnish market. The overall strategy and challenge is to modernize and localize materials that are an extension of an established brand.

The upcoming course is centered around self-development and self-discovery, aimed at experienced managers and leaders with an interest in continuous personal development and growth. It is designed to catalyse fresh insights and to provide a unique space to learn alongside experienced participants from a variety of industries and backgrounds. Above all, it is designed to be a rare chance to stop and look at things differently. 

To accomplish the marketing requirements and to stay true to the course syllabus and broader Henley Business School brand, we focused on representing self-development and growth through genuine human interaction and collaboration. Stylistically, our aim is to bridge together long-standing brand heritage with a localized, dynamic target audience. 

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